The FAQs of Wedding Photography & Cinematography

When planning your budget for the wedding, keep in mind the treasures you have forever in your wedding pictures and film. It’s worth it to invest in a photographer and videographer that will provide you with beautiful images full of your love, joy and adventures on the day you become one!

Wedding Photography FAQs

Our photo collections include one or two wedding photographers based on the details of your event. We do have additional photographers and videographers if needed. Contact us today to see what’s right for you!  

First and foremost our wedding photography style focuses on storytelling. We strive for a perfect blend of editorial and journalistic images.  The goal is to capture a classic, timeless feel, with authentic emotion so you experience your wedding day just as it was!

The photos are bright and joyful. Infused with bold colors that are inspired by classic film stocks from both Fuji and Kodak. It is a timeless style that is as romantic as it is nostalgic. 

Our wedding photography collections include at least 8 hours of coverage by two photographers, an engagement session, and editing of your full catalog of images.*  

You will receive all of your edited, full resolution images in an online album where you are able to download, share, and place orders for professional prints, wall art, or albums.

We will work with you leading up to the wedding day to make sure your timeline is setup for success, so that you can enjoy your big day and get all of the amazing photos you want!

*We do offer collections for elopements and small intimate weddings that include less coverage and one photographer.

Photography Collections for elopements or small intimate weddings begins at $4,000. Full wedding coverage begins at $5,900.

Definitely! We have many galleries on our website in the featured couple, wedding photography, and engagement photography portfolios.

To keep the website fast many of these galleries are abbreviated. If you are interested in seeing the full gallery from a particular wedding just reach out to us!


Our wedding photography collections include at least 8 hours of coverage. If you need more time we can extend the coverage time for you. We’ve covered events over multiple days!

For elopements and small intimate weddings we have collections with as few as 6 hours.

That is a decision we leave up to each couple.  First looks are becoming more popular. First, it really does help couples relax their nerves a bit before walking down the aisle.  It also adds some extra time in the day for photography. If you love photos, and can’t get enough we do highly recommend doing a first look! 

It’s going to give us extra flexibility in your timeline to create the unique portraits you are envisioning. It also allows time for some couples to make an appearance at cocktail hour and mingle with guests, or take a few quiet moments of alone time together before heading to your reception.

If you prefer to keep things more traditional for that “Wow!” moment walking down the aisle, we love capturing that too! We will work together to make sure we are capturing your day the way you’ve been envisioning it.

We start sending out sneak peeks the week following the wedding. We have a gallery of about 100 highlight images within 2-3 weeks. Your full wedding gallery will be ready within 2-3 months.

First, we pray that never happens! Just in case, we bring multiple camera bodies, lenses, batteries, cards, and flashes to each wedding. We’ve always got backup gear ready to go in case technology let’s us down. It’s unlikely, but memory cards can fail too. Throughout the day we have two memory cards loaded into each camera that are simultaneously recording identical copies of your wedding images. If the main card fails, the second card saves the day!

Before Covid, there was an industry saying that “there are no sick days in the wedding business.” Things are a little different today, and we’ve setup our team to be prepared.

We have a great team of photographers. In the event of illness, there is always someone on standby and ready to step in. We all shoot together regularly, practice and learn together, and review and critique each others work. You can expect an amazing experience, great images and a cohesive style from each wedding photographer on our team.

You will always know who your photographer will be and have an opportunity to meet them before booking.

Yes, we do!

Engagement Sessions are available individually or included with our full Modern or Signature Wedding Photography Collections.

An engagement or bridal session is a great opportunity to interact with your photographer, work on posing, and build confidence in front of the camera before the wedding day. The best part though, is the incredible images you get!

We usually capture group portraits following your ceremony. If there are time constraints at your church or ceremony venue, we will help determine a suitable time and location to get these important images.

Before the wedding day we will have you put together a shot list of all of your family members, and the groupings that need to be captured. We will help put the groups in order, so that we can move through your list in the most efficient and convenient way possible for your wedding guests. It is usually a good idea to get the shots with grandparents out of the way first, especially if they need extra time or assistance traveling to the reception.

We would love to chat about your day and what you envision for your wedding photos. We are available to meet with you at our studio located in Grand Rapids, or online using Zoom or Facetime.

After reviewing your plans, what is important to you, and budget we will be able to develop a proposal through our web based booking system that shows the collection features and pricing we discussed.

Get started by reaching out to us today!

Yes! How soon do we leave?

Wedding Videography FAQs

Videography is where it all started for TruVision Studios! We craft one-of-a-kind wedding films and tailor the storytelling to each couple and the style of their day. All of our wedding videography collections include cinematic coverage by at least two filmmakers, 4K cameras, and microphones that capture high-quality sound. 

Our wedding videography style is very cinematic and story driven. Each film is handcrafted. We incorporate a lot of dialogue from the day including love letters, vows, the ceremony message, and toasts. This sound editing combined with meticulously selected music, and skillfully captured and edited imagery from the day is what  drives the emotion behind our films and makes each one so unique. 

All of our cinematic wedding videography collections include at least 6 hours of coverage by 2 videographers, and editing of a cinematic highlight film. The length of the highlight film depends upon the amount of coverage and pacing of the story. Some films are slow paced and very romantic. Others are upbeat and fast pace. Many are a mix of the two. No two films are the same, and it depends on the couples story, personality, style, and day.

Beyond these essentials we offer adventure sessions, social media teasers, documentary films, and coverage on nostalgic  16mm professional motion picture film.

Cinema collections begin at $4,000.

TruVision Studios is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We travel worldwide.

Strictly speaking, the content we have to work with is what influences the length of a film. We can never guarantee a runtime before we have captured the day.

We edit for story and enjoyment. It’s pretty easy to make a film longer, but that doesn’t mean it’s better. If we did no editing at all, the film would be long but not very enjoyable.

In general we have a pretty close idea for most weddings based on the amount of time we spend filming:

  • 6 Hours | 3-5 Minutes
  • 8 Hours | 5-7 Minutes
  • 10 Hours | 6-8 Minutes
  • 12+ Hours | 8-12 Minutes

Social media teasers are 60 second previews that we deliver within 2 weeks of the wedding. They are fun, exciting edits that are fun to share with your family and friends, and give a taste of what is coming in the full film. You can find some examples of social media teasers over on our wedding videography portfolio page.

Documentary Films include full length multi-camera edits and sound design of all of the main events from the wedding day such as the ceremony, toasts, and dances. Because the edit includes full length events, the runtime of a Documentary Film is highly dependent on the length of the wedding ceremony and reception speeches and toasts. You can click here to see a full Documentary Film.

Our Full Photography & Cinema Collection will capture every moment at every angle. You will have 2-3 photographers and 2-3 videographers depending on your event details and what you envision. Check out some of our full service collections here!

Yes, our cameras are AMAZING in low light! We always want to maintain the look and ambiance of your venue in your photos. What’s more important than the amount of light is the direction and quality. We are experienced with off-camera flash techniques. Adding a small kiss of light from the right direction can make all the difference, adding dimension and pop to what might otherwise be a flat photo. 

You will start seeing sneak peek photos the week following the wedding. Full galleries are done within 2-3 months depending on the season. Cinema teasers are ready within 2 weeks of the wedding. Fully edited wedding films are available within 3-6 months of the wedding.

Full Photography & Cinema Collection

General FAQs

Photography pricing for elopements or small intimate weddings begins at $4,000. Full wedding photography coverage begins at $5,900. Cinema coverage begins at $4,000.

In order to secure your wedding date and your photographer or videographer there is a non-refundable deposit of at least 25% due at the time of booking. The remaining balance can be paid in installments. You are able to choose a payment schedule that works best. Payments can be made by card, cash, check, or money order.

We work with each couple ahead of their wedding to help build the perfect timeline. It is always an option to add time to a collection. The rate is dependent on the number of photographers, and whether the time is added in advance, or on the day of the wedding.

We edit all of the best photos. We might take several images of the same group or pose to get just the right expression, or in case someone blinks. If we come back with 2,000-3,000 images from a wedding, the couple should expect to receive 400-600 edited photos. 

Touching up a photo could be removing a skin blemish, removing flyaway hairs, or taking an object out of the background. Collections include retouching on up to 50 of your favorite images. Basic retouching of additional photos can be purchased for $25 per image. Basic retouching is included on albums and any large format print products that you order through the studio. 

What are breaks? We do like to stuff our face with food at some point during the day! Feed us and we promise your golden hour will be magical!

First, it’s technical. Without technical knowledge and education, creativity becomes luck.  We are very passionate about our creative work at TruVision. It plays a HUGE role in how we shoot and edit, but we are very adamant to set the stage properly and professionally.  Our philosophy is “do it right and break a few rules along the way.” Well… at least that’s Layla’s philosophy. 😊

Honestly, it’s all about you and making sure we are capturing YOUR moments in ways that you will LOVE. We are not here for awards and publications galore; we are not trying to impress other creatives. This truly is about you and capturing your moments beautifully. We spend our time perfecting our craft, continuing our education to become better artists, and delivering treasures to our clients.  

Yes, we do. You can also read reviews from past clients on Google, WeddingWire, or TheKnot.

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