Wedding Videography

Capturing Genuine Moments Where Love is Evident

We love couples willing to be open, real, and vulnerable, knowing cameras are capturing it all. We take those moments and craft unique, personalized films that honestly reflect not only the day, but the couple. Some films are super romantic, others more upbeat, and many are a mix of both. Every couple is different. Every love story is different. Therefore, every film should be different. This is what we strive for.

Remember the smiles, hugs, tears, laughs, and kisses just the way they were.

While photography is a beautiful way to capture your wedding day, videography can take the memories to a whole new level. With video, you can always remember the smiles, hugs, tears, laughs, and kisses just the way they were. Plus, video can capture the moments that you didn’t see. Wedding days tend to go by quickly, and unfortunately, you will not be able to see everything that happens. Video captures these priceless moments that you can view later on. Video also has the unique ability to capture the voices, laughter, and sounds that were present at your wedding, which can bring about vivid and heartwarming memories of your day.

The way they meshed together all the best parts of our day into a cohesive video is astonishing.

- hannah grove

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Years down the road, many couples love to be able to relive their big day on their anniversary and reminisce on the joyous and heartfelt moments, the first dances, the speeches, and more. Plus, with video, you are able to view your wedding experience with your future children or family members, which can be a bonding experience that you all can enjoy. An added bonus is that wedding videos are easily sharable. You can post your videos on social media or send them directly to friends and family.